We are very proud of our Judoka's achievements in or out of the club. Competitions and promotions, certificate awards etc are something we do throughout the year, from beginners to advanced, children and adults alike. We enter local events as well as National and International and have many champions, medallists and award holders. Below are some of our proud moments.

BJC National Open

Camryn and Lucy fought really well at the recent National Championships, and both came home with a Gold medal, crowning them National Champion BJC 2021. Super stuff girls xx



Jon fought for his 2nd kyu blue belt, at a competitive grading in Leicester. Theory and kata were done with ease and his fighting was tremendous. Well deserved Jon, hard work pays off, never give up on your goals xx

Samurai NHS Charity

Bronze for Ollie in Kidderminster, against some very tall opponents. He did brilliant though, didn't give in and tried his hardest. Well done Ollie x

Leicester and Samurai

Double Gold for these two young ladies. First at the Leicester Area Closed and then next day at Samurai NHS Charity event. There was no stopping them both days, putting on a display of good judo. Well done girls xx


Leicester Area Closed

Little Reuben age just 5, won his first medal at his first competition in Leicester. Throwing his first opponent ippon he came home with a silver in the end, against much bigger opponents. Great start to his judo journey well done matey x


Player of the Month

Player of the month for October goes to Ace Edwards for all her success and efforts during the past month and beyond. She's becoming a star player for sure, well done Smurf xx


Welsh Open Cadets

Great results from Ace and Kate at this next ranking event. Both fought well and came away with points. As well as a Bronze for Ace and Silver for Kate. Well done girls xx

Lugi cup Sweden

Kate, Ace, Ben and Lisa fought brilliantly over two days in Sweden. Kate taking Silver in cadets and Bronze in pre cadet. Ace taking Bronze in juniors, Ben silver in both senior and junior, and Lisa 5th in senior and Bronze in juniors. Great performances by all at a tough international x

Samurai Ladies Open

Ace Edwards entered the Samurai Ladies Open, in Kidderminster and was up against 1st kyus to try and gain more points towards her Dan grade. Winning Bronze and more points it was a successful day for Ace. x

C2 International

Both Ace and Ben won bronze in their categories in London at the C2, and Ace also won Silver in the Junior section. Outstanding performances from both players, taking them both into the ETD (England Talent Development) Squad for the upcoming year. Well done you two x


R.K.Judo Junior Club Coach Award

Ace has spent almost 12 months, completing her coaching award. She is now confident and capable of assisting the teaching of youngsters up to her own grade. What a fantastic achievement for a 16 years old. x


Player of the Month

Player of the Month for September went to Jake. He has grown so much in confidence and his judo has come on leaps and bounds. He's introduced new members and is currently going through his Junior club coach award. Well done Jake x


Samurai Youth Open and orange and under

A weekend at Samurai once again. This time Ace and Ben in the youth open. Ace winning Bronze and Ben Gold in his category and Bronze in the open. Next day was Ollie and Camryn again, Ollie taking another Silver, and Camryn in a group up taking Bronze. Sept 2021


Samurai Mini Me

First competition back for our youngsters this time. Ollie and Camryn fought at the Samurai Mini Me, to start their year off. Both winning Silver in their categories, they did us and themselves proud. Good start you two xx


Player of the month

This is Reuben, age 5. During August he worked really hard at the club and never missed a class, even on his birthday. He is a lovely well behaved and brilliant little judoka. So very much deserved, our first Player of the month for 2021 went to him. Well done matey xx

English Closed

First competition back after 18 months due to Covid, 4th Sept 2021,and Ace goes and takes the u48kg cadets by storm, winning a well deserved Gold, and being selected for the ETD Squad. Fabulous start to the year.

Scottish Open

Ben Barkby travelled to Scotland for the Scottish Open cadets in March 2020. He fought really well, resulting in a Bronze and more ranking points to finish the year. This was the last comp before Covid hit.

Southfields Open

4 golds for the raiders at the Southfields Open 50th anniversary Championships. Ollie, Lucy, Kate and Ben with Evan tagging along as a supporter for the day. Fantastic result. Feb 2020.

BJC Awards evening

Kate Chisholm was short listed for 2 awards at the BJC Awards ceremony in 2019. That in its self was an achievement, but on the night she won both, Outstanding Achievement and Primary/junior female player of the year. So proud of how far she has come.

Club certificates

Both these boys joined us at the start of our R.K, UK club journey. Evan age 10 and Ollie age 8.They have worked really hard to adapt to our judo ways and in return they achieved two certificates each and player of the month awards for outstanding work. Well done boys. 2019.

Kent International

Ben Barkby winning the Gold at the Kent International Championships, cadets, June 2019.

BJC National Open

Gold for Kate Chisholm age 12 at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019. 

BJC National Open

Gold for Lucy Chisholm age 9 at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019.

BJC National Open

Gold for Alicia Fernandez Rivers at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019.

BJC National Open

Gold for Ben Barkby at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019.

Almunecar Spain

10 players entered the Almunecar Championships on the costa del Sol, and what a fantastic day. 6 golds, 2 silver 2 bronze. Proud of this little team. Nov 2018

Junior club coach award

Ryan Whitehead is one of only 4 players at the club, who have worked hard at a young age of 14, to achieve our Club Coach award. He's fantastic with children and has a great presence on the tatami. 2018

Brain Tumour Charity

5 players, 4 golds 1 silver, how good is that, but not only the judo but for a worthy cause. Brain Tumour Charity. Well done guys fab job. July 2018