We are very proud of our Judoka's achievements in or out of the club. Competitions and promotions, certificate awards etc are something we do throughout the year, from beginners to advanced, children and adults alike. We enter local events as well as National and International and have many champions, medallists and award holders. Below are some of our proud moments.

British Schools

Harrison won bronze at the recent British Schools Championships in Sheffield. His first British medal of any kind, growing and improving every day. Well done.

BJC awards

Its always a pleasure to be recognised for your efforts, and these two Ben and Ace won an award each. Ben, Newcomer coach of the year and Ace senior judoka of the year. Congratulations you two.

Samurai Girls

A day for the girls to take to the tatami. Ruby, Lucy and Lola all did amazing coming home with Silver, silver and bronze for their efforts. What a lovely day with these three super stars.

Scottish Open

Scottish Open was a great success for these four. Kate Bronze in cadets, Ace silver and bronze senior and junior, Ben bronze in junior and senior and Lisa our Swedish raider 5th in senior. Proud of you all.

R.K.Judo Annual Awards

We are very proud of all our members, no matter whether they just come to enjoy or are a serious competitor. Each and everyone means the world. The Annual awards 2022 was a great success and brilliant evening. Well done all.

6th Dan award

Our fabulous Sensei David was awarded his 6th Dan by Vice president Mr Mealing for a life time of judo. We are proud to have Dan grades at R.K from 1st to 6th Dan. Not bad for a small club.

British Championships 2022

An outstanding achievement for Ben Barkby who took a very impressive Bronze at these championships at u60kg junior. Great work Ben,

BJC National closed

What can we say. Lucy coming back from serious injury, takes a bronze in a higher weight, Nicks debut and takes bronze in the men's u81kg kyu grade and Harrison is BJC National Champion 2022. Amazing.

Coaching Assistant

Our next BJC coaching assistant award to Ace Edwards. Her help, with the little ones is fabulous. She seems to attract them. Always good also to have another string in your bow. Well done Ace.

Rod Lane championships

Ben fought in the Rod Lane high grade for the first time, winning all contests on Ippon and gaining his remaining points for his 2nd Dan BJA. Well done, what a great day, all this on his 19th Birthday 5/11/03

Samurai Green and under

What a fantastic day for the last Samurai event of the year. All fought brilliantly, for the first time or just another event. Progress all round and we are very proud of them all for going out there and doing their best. Well done.

BJC Coaching assistant award

Jake has been working hard to achieve this first time award of coaching assistant with the BJC. His help and support at the club is greatly appreciated and his talent for teaching is growing fast. Well done Jake

British Masters 2022

Colin Brealey entered the Masters championships after a few years off, and came back strong with a Silver medal. Only missing the gold through injury. Well done.

Player of the month

It has been a while since we did this award, being summer and busy with comps etc. So for the month of October, we gave three awards to Cody age 5, Dan age 14 and Lola age 9, who all work so hard each week but most of all enjoy doing judo.

Rod Lane Memorial

This time it was the turn of the men. Both Jon age 52 and Nick aged 24, had their debut for R.K. at the Rod Lane memorial championships in Kidderminster. Both fought extremely well and came home with Bronze medals for their efforts. Proud of them for giving it a go. Well done chaps

C2 International

Ace was our only competitor in the C2 International in London, but topped the leader board with three straight wins to become champion. Well done Ace

British School Qualifiers

Harrison fought in the schools regional qualifiers and came home with a bronze after fighting really well against heavier and more experienced players.Well done

Welsh Junior Open

Its that time of year again, October when the ranking events start, First up the Welsh. Ben back after injury, secured a brilliant silver and Ace a bronze and added ranking points. Great work both.

NHC Open

Ace again this time in The Northern Home counties Open, winning a tremendous Gold in the Junior section, while gaining a silver in the seniors. Great effort well done. 

1ST Dan award

Ace has completed one milestone in Judo, gaining her 1st Dan at the age of 17. Proud moment for her, her family and the club. Well done Smurf


Heart of England

Ace back again week two of September. A great result yet again with a silver in juniors and Gold in seniors. Summer hard work is paying off. Well done.

English Closed

Back to the grind, with the first comp of the season for Ace. English Junior silver medallist u48kg and crowned English Champion senior u48kg 2022. Securing her place on the England Talent development Squad for the second year running. Well done.

Club Coach Award

Jake Hambridge is our latest Club Coach. He is a lovely young man who would help anyone. He has proven to be a great young coach, with attention to detail and has grown in confidence while achieving this. The future is bright for Jake. Well Done.



Western Area Open

Ace won Bronze in the Western Area Open in Bath during July. The first time at this event, which was followed by two days of training camp. Good work from Ace, who was joined at camp by Harrison.



Craig Fallon Cup

Honouring the late Craig Fallon at this annual competition, was our young pre cadet Harrison. Harrison fought brilliant against a much more experienced player and took the silver medal. Well done.


Samurai Mini Mon

Our first outing with some of our new judoka, Dmitrijs, Ruby and Rebecca. And they did brilliant. Coming home with Bronze, silver, bronze respectively. Also were Evan who won Bronze and Fliss who won Silver. Great amount of experience gained. Well done all.

Player of the Month

Our June player of the Month went to this young Lady Phoebe Jenkin. She is lovely in every sense. Her judo is improving all the time, and she has no problem with helping and caring for the younger ones when asked. A good coach in the making. Well done.

Kent International

Wow, results to shout about at this famous event. Back after covid and it was probably the best its been. Plenty of international players to fight against and some cracking judo. Results for us were, Camryn Silver, Ace Gold and Silver, Kate Gold and bronze and Ben Gold and Bronze. fantastic you lot.


Worcester Orange and under

June was busy and on the 19th we took a trip to Worcester for their low grade event. What a brilliant day. Outstanding performances by all. Results were, Harrison Bronze, Fliss, and Evan Silver, Camryn gold,excellent day for the raiders.


Player of the Month

May was a busy month for R.K, which made choosing a player of the month difficult. So for May we decided there were two players that fit the bill, Dmitrijs and Rebecca. They work very hard while always smiling and enjoying themselves. Well done kids, keep up the good work x

Samurai boys green and under

The same weekend it was the boys too. This time we had Evan and Harrison, competiting for us for the first time. Both boys won Bronze and gained a lot of experience. Well done boys.

Samurai Girls green and under

This is always a good event, especially for up and comers. Camryn is used to this venue, and stepped up into the orange belt section this time, taking a good Silver medal. Debut appearance for Felicity in her very first comp, and took a Silver too, in the yellow belt section. Proud of these girls for giving it their best shot xx

Jamie McDonald Memorial event

An amazing day, amazing results and all for a good cause. Teenage cancer trust. 5 golds and 1 bronze, between them. Could not have asked for more. Fabulous you raiders x

BJC National Open

Camryn was our only entry for BJC Open this May 2022. Taking on the juniors 10-12 years for the first time, Camryn found herself in the final. Unfortunately had to settle for silver from a good player older and more experienced than her. Well done Noodle x

Player of the Month

April saw the winner for the monthly medal as Felicity, better known as Smiler.  lol. Putting in the effort to prepare herself for her first comp coming up. As a rugby player she will benefit from the judo she's doing. Well done Fliss x

Northern Ireland open

Successful weekend in NI. April 2022 Ben Bronze, James Bronze cadets and 7th in Juniors, Ace Bronze in both cadets and juniors and Kate going an extra mile winning Silver in Cadets, juniors and senior event. Strong ranking event, great results.

Club coach award

April was a good month for Kate. After a year of hard work, courses, including first aid and safe guarding, assisting with coaching, and following the basic principles of judo coaching, she was awarded her Junior Coaching award for the club. Next stop Fully qualified when she turns 16. Well done slug x


C2 International 

wow what a day. Kate beating a rival in the cadets to take Gold, and a silver in the juniors, Ace took silver in the cadets and silver in the juniors, while Camryn in her first International event took a very well earned Silver. Great day folks x

Player of the month

Player of the Month for March 2022 went to Ruby. She hasn't been with us long, but works really hard in whatever she does. Always smiling. Well done young lady x

Samurai Minimon

Camryn in action again in Kidderminster, winning Gold in the girls yellow belt section. Go girl x

English Open

Two out of three medals at the English open in March. Ben unfortunately only placed 7th, while Ace and Kate won Bronze in the cadets. Tough weekend but a good learning comp. Good stuff.

Player of the Month

Evan has showed great spirit this month, trains hard and has a goal to achieve. Keep up the good work young man x

Liverpool Open

First time event for us in Liverpool. Great results from these three. Camryn took Silver in her first event of this level. Ace took two bronzes in the cadets and juniors and Ben Gold in the mixed weight juniors. Well done you three x

Southfields Open Championships

Camryn, age 10, was in her first event of 2022, and her first Junior u16 event. A step up from the level she's used to, did not faze her at all. 4 fights, all won on Ippon and Gold for our little star, Noodle as she's known. Well done x

British Cadet Championships

Kate, in her first year as a cadet, won the Bronze medal in her category u48kg cadets, after a narrow miss to get into the final Still a fabulous result for this youngster, lots more to come. Well done slug xx

Worcester Mini mon

Camryn and Evan fought in the first Worcester Judo Club mini mon event in November 2021, and did themselves and the club proud. Camryn on fire winning another Gold, while Evan in his first event for the club came away with Bronze. well done you two xx

BJC National Open

Camryn and Lucy fought really well at the recent National Championships, and both came home with a Gold medal, crowning them National Champion BJC 2021. Super stuff girls xx



Jon fought for his 2nd kyu blue belt, at a competitive grading in Leicester. Theory and kata were done with ease and his fighting was tremendous. Well deserved Jon, hard work pays off, never give up on your goals xx

Samurai NHS Charity

Bronze for Ollie in Kidderminster, against some very tall opponents. He did brilliant though, didn't give in and tried his hardest. Well done Ollie x

Leicester and Samurai

Double Gold for these two young ladies. First at the Leicester Area Closed and then next day at Samurai NHS Charity event. There was no stopping them both days, putting on a display of good judo. Well done girls xx


Leicester Area Closed

Little Reuben age just 5, won his first medal at his first competition in Leicester. Throwing his first opponent ippon he came home with a silver in the end, against much bigger opponents. Great start to his judo journey well done matey x


Player of the Month

Player of the month for October goes to Ace Edwards for all her success and efforts during the past month and beyond. She's becoming a star player for sure, well done Smurf xx


Welsh Open Cadets

Great results from Ace and Kate at this next ranking event. Both fought well and came away with points. As well as a Bronze for Ace and Silver for Kate. Well done girls xx

Lugi cup Sweden

Kate, Ace, Ben and Lisa fought brilliantly over two days in Sweden. Kate taking Silver in cadets and Bronze in pre cadet. Ace taking Bronze in juniors, Ben silver in both senior and junior, and Lisa 5th in senior and Bronze in juniors. Great performances by all at a tough international x

Samurai Ladies Open

Ace Edwards entered the Samurai Ladies Open, in Kidderminster and was up against 1st kyus to try and gain more points towards her Dan grade. Winning Bronze and more points it was a successful day for Ace. x

C2 International

Both Ace and Ben won bronze in their categories in London at the C2, and Ace also won Silver in the Junior section. Outstanding performances from both players, taking them both into the ETD (England Talent Development) Squad for the upcoming year. Well done you two x


R.K.Judo Junior Club Coach Award

Ace has spent almost 12 months, completing her coaching award. She is now confident and capable of assisting the teaching of youngsters up to her own grade. What a fantastic achievement for a 16 years old. x


Player of the Month

Player of the Month for September went to Jake. He has grown so much in confidence and his judo has come on leaps and bounds. He's introduced new members and is currently going through his Junior club coach award. Well done Jake x


Samurai Youth Open and orange and under

A weekend at Samurai once again. This time Ace and Ben in the youth open. Ace winning Bronze and Ben Gold in his category and Bronze in the open. Next day was Ollie and Camryn again, Ollie taking another Silver, and Camryn in a group up taking Bronze. Sept 2021


Samurai Mini Me

First competition back for our youngsters this time. Ollie and Camryn fought at the Samurai Mini Me, to start their year off. Both winning Silver in their categories, they did us and themselves proud. Good start you two xx


Player of the month

This is Reuben, age 5. During August he worked really hard at the club and never missed a class, even on his birthday. He is a lovely well behaved and brilliant little judoka. So very much deserved, our first Player of the month for 2021 went to him. Well done matey xx

English Closed

First competition back after 18 months due to Covid, 4th Sept 2021,and Ace goes and takes the u48kg cadets by storm, winning a well deserved Gold, and being selected for the ETD Squad. Fabulous start to the year.

Scottish Open

Ben Barkby travelled to Scotland for the Scottish Open cadets in March 2020. He fought really well, resulting in a Bronze and more ranking points to finish the year. This was the last comp before Covid hit.

Southfields Open

4 golds for the raiders at the Southfields Open 50th anniversary Championships. Ollie, Lucy, Kate and Ben with Evan tagging along as a supporter for the day. Fantastic result. Feb 2020.

BJC Awards evening

Kate Chisholm was short listed for 2 awards at the BJC Awards ceremony in 2019. That in its self was an achievement, but on the night she won both, Outstanding Achievement and Primary/junior female player of the year. So proud of how far she has come.

Club certificates

Both these boys joined us at the start of our R.K, UK club journey. Evan age 10 and Ollie age 8.They have worked really hard to adapt to our judo ways and in return they achieved two certificates each and player of the month awards for outstanding work. Well done boys. 2019.

Kent International

Ben Barkby winning the Gold at the Kent International Championships, cadets, June 2019.

BJC National Open

Gold for Kate Chisholm age 12 at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019. 

BJC National Open

Gold for Lucy Chisholm age 9 at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019.

BJC National Open

Gold for Alicia Fernandez Rivers at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019.

BJC National Open

Gold for Ben Barkby at the BJC Open National Championships in Kettering May 2019.

Almunecar Spain

10 players entered the Almunecar Championships on the costa del Sol, and what a fantastic day. 6 golds, 2 silver 2 bronze. Proud of this little team. Nov 2018

Junior club coach award

Ryan Whitehead is one of only 4 players at the club, who have worked hard at a young age of 14, to achieve our Club Coach award. He's fantastic with children and has a great presence on the tatami. 2018

Brain Tumour Charity

5 players, 4 golds 1 silver, how good is that, but not only the judo but for a worthy cause. Brain Tumour Charity. Well done guys fab job. July 2018