Every month we award one of our members the title PLAYER OF THE MONTH. This goes to someone who has made good attendence during the past month, worked hard, been well behaved, shown good etiquette and has stood out from the rest for whatever reason.


Each new player of the month is asked some random questions and their photo and answers displayed at the club for everyone to see. A good achievement is worth a mention and hopefully encourages the others to do well too.



What is your name?    Voliet

How old are you?   8

What is your favorite subject at school?    English

What is your worst subject at school?    Maths

Do you have any pets?      No but used to have a dog called toffee

What is your favorite throw?  O Goshi

What do you like most about judo?  Randori

What is your favorite food?  Caramel Ice cream


What would you do if you won a million euros?   Give it to charity 






2016/17/18 previous winners


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