R.K.JUDO is 20 years old this year,  and we would like to thank each and everyone, past and present for the time with us.

Everyone has helped us to develop into the successful club we are today.

We have members that have become family, friends we will never forget and most importantly memories we will treasure.

THANK YOU all for the last 20 years. We look forward to more fun, exciting, challenging rewarding and successful times ahead.



EST 2003



We are delighted to have a permanent dojo here in the UK. And this being our 20th Anniversary, 2023, makes it even more special. 

This will benefit so many, our members, family and the community. We are open for our usual judo classes, and are adding more classes as we grow. 

Find us on Google, visitors welcome from all associations, T&C's apply.

If anyone wants to hire our dojo, please don't hesitate to contact us.