“R.K.Judo, not just a club but a family. The dedication and passion for teaching judo is second to none Judo and this club have had such a positive impact on my children's confidence, fitness and discipline. Highly recommended. We look forward to visiting the new club".

Ter Lou


"Fantastic club, amazing talented and committed coaches. Talented kids with great personalities, best wishes from all at Countersthorpe Judo Club"

Jim Oram


"Always enjoyed training at Higashi so did the kids. I'm sure I'll enjoy it at the new club. Hinkley Judo Club".

Andrew Payne


"Great coaches and a great atmosphere certainly got the balance right on every count, we look forward to visiting when open"xx

Joanne Tyrrell


"RK JUDO, dedicated coaches who teach the kids to enjoy the discipline, passion, teamwork and individuality of the sport, not forgetting the fun side to learning.. Best wishes from me and Gonzo" xx

Lara Terol


"I highly recommend this club. Great people, great coaches, family atmosphere and an excellent ethos. From beginners to the more experienced this club will welcome you. Look forward to meeting you all" xx

Sarah Andrews


"As the saying goes, 'Maximum efficiency, minimum effort' with RK you are guaranteed of only that but also maximum knowledge, minimum arrogance, having known the head coaches for many years as close friends I can  wholeheartedly endorse this amazing club and family! Addington JC wishes you all the best guys!!!! G Merredew

Gareth Merredew

" without a doubt, you are the best judo people that I have ever known. Wish you all the best. I miss you so much".

Marco Leclerc


"I can also say Marco absolutely loved going to your club and I also always found your club, passion and kindness extraordinary and outstanding. All the best to you".

Laura Li


"Great to have you back as part of the Leicester BJC".

Roger Harris


"RK Judo we loves this club!! My children really enjoy and learning!!! The coaches teach with passion they are the best!!! We miss you so much!!! We look forward to visiting the new club".

Guarderia Atalaya-Cancelada Childrensplace


"Its the best judo family you can ever be part of. As a mom I could not have asked for a better club. The way you support and encourage the kids and help them grow to become the best judoka (and person) they can be- no matter if it is on competition level, learning how to coach or just doing judo for fun. The way you 'build up' the different techniques is fantastic and the judo etiquette is above most clubs we met on competitions all around Europe. The only thing I might have a complaint about is the English accent Lisa got from you hahahaha. Love our adopted judo family!! Hope to come and visit you all when you settle in!!! xx

Lotta Lindberg


"Kaz and Rodd are brilliant. Its been an absolute pleasure training with the team R.K.Judo. They are so welcoming and genuinely lovely people. Its a privilege to be part of the adopted R.K.Judo family" xx

Charlene Boyd


"Outstanding coaches and a warm, welcoming environment for all ages and stages. A proper judo family".

Dan Williams


" Well what can I say about RK Judo club. The best judo club you could ever find to enrol your child in. The will learn respect, perseverance, confidence, be able to handle themselves in many of life's challenges. I cannot say enough good things about RK. We spent 8 wonderful years training with them. Definitely give them a try, you will not be disappointed"

Kirsten Whitehead


"Great for Great Britain, Alan Jones, Wales"

Sue-Alan Jones


"RK Judo are the best, Rodd and Karen are so dedicated to their judokas. They do their very best for everyone, They're pastoral care is second to none. Many of their judoka win many competitions in the UK and Europe. they are very inclusive you could not want a better club for your child. The only thing I'd say bad is that they are too far away from me these days"

Maggie Moore


"A great bunch of people helping children and adults develop their judo skills"

Jamie Stonehewer


"I knew Rodd and Karen alot of years ago at Higashi Judo Club, competed all over UK, they are brilliant at what they do, can;t thank them enough"

Matt Moore


"Cracking 1st session for Evan at RK in Newhall. Great coaches with a wealth of knowledge. Making the class very informative but with a fun element too. As Arnie says 'Ill be back'".

Jon Hambridge